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With a diverse and talented team, we are here to make your day a success. Whether you have a large event that requires many hands or a smaller intimate affair that only requires 1 lead and 1 assistant, we have an entire team that can be accessible for your big day. We also want to add that our team is bilingual in Spanish as well as versed in Greek & Serbian weddings and traditions. However, we are open to supporting any and all cultures. While creating your most magical moment, our goal is to make you feel calm, at peace, relaxed, and stress-free allowing you to enjoy your morning with a mimosa in hand and not a care in the world.  We LOVE love and are here to support you in every way.

About Us

Knoble Events is a unique and creative wedding planning and design company specializing in events with an effortless luxury experience. For modern clients who are unique and creative, wanting something different and magical. 


We take such pride & passion in designing your event "creating magic from visions and dreams."


For us, creating a magical day is about the entire experience. It doesn't just start and end with us but includes the recommended vendors we've hand selected for you to choose from and collaborate with ensuring the day runs smoothly. We'll leave you stunned in the best way possible with our magic touches along the way. 

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Our Approach

We connect so deeply with every client and every vendor that we truly feel like family. We are your biggest cheerleader and hype man or as our couples phrase it, your "Ride or Die." 


Close your eyes and picture this, it's your wedding day; you wake up and feel calm and at peace. Your pace is slow because you don't feel rushed but rather get to enjoy your morning and be in the moment. You get yourself a coffee or mimosa and reflect on the past few years of your relationship. While you take a sip, you smile because you are overcome with joy that the day is finally here. And while you know there is so much going on outside and around you, you aren't stressed or worried because you know you've selected the best team. A team whom you trust to create the magic you envisioned. Allowing you to be present, in the moment and focus on what's most important, the beginning of your love story.


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Nikki is a natural designer and creative at heart. Having a background in Fashion & Visual Merchandising she has always had a love for all things design. She is a hopeless romantic and believes there is someone for everyone. Planning her own wedding is what made her decide to start Knoble Events & become a certified wedding & event planner. Her goals are for others to enjoy their planning process & step into their next journey excited, stress free & at peace.

Favorite Part of the Planning Process

When the transformation is done and revealed and when she gets a solo moment with the bride right before she's about to walk down the aisle.


I once auditioned for American Idol


Traveling, dancing, singing, bing watching reality tv, laying in the sun, working out, hiking, and anything relaxation.


Ice cream, Christmas, Reality TV & my Husband

TAHIS Koutsopoulis

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CHARLOTTE Associate PLANNER & Lead Assistant

Not only is Tahis she bilingual in Spanish & English but she is also learning Greek & is knowledgeable in the Greek traditions and culture. In addition to wedding planning, her background in finance and real estate allows her to help our couples both during & after their big day. Tahis is not only  calm and understanding but she is truly the sweetest planner you will ever meet. She's the perfect person to put you at ease through your planning process & on the big day. 

Favorite Part of the Planning Process

Seeing all the pieces come together on the day of and seeing how happy & surprised the couple is to see their venue and all their ideas and visions be executed.


Traveling with her husband and son, going on walks and working out at Burn Bootcamp


My wedding was featured on a Netflix reality show


Real Housewives


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