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Looking for an authentic cultural experience that allows you to travel the world; all while creating magic and building your destination portfolio? Look no further. We are teaming up with Avonne Photography and Lord & Lady Studio to bring you a cultural content retreat for the storybooks.


Welcome to The Welsh Retreat.  When Nikki with Knoble Events booked a wedding in Ireland for 2023, she thought, “We’re already international, why not do something more?” It was then that Nikki reached out to Haley with Lord & Lady Studio and asked her to join and not only be a partner in the planning process but to be the florist for the retreat. Haley, having a husband who is Welsh and having lived in Wales for 6 years herself, offered up the location of Wales as an idea. Once the location was pitched, the planning process started. 


It was then that Haley reached out to Avonne with Avonne Photography. With Avonne having a connection to Wales herself, she knew this was a project she was meant to partner on. Not only has Avonne already done international work but with having a boyfriend who lives in Wales, she has been able to travel there multiple times making this project the perfect fit. 


Having partners who have lived and traveled extensively in this country is one of the many things that makes this retreat unique. We plan to bring you all the culture partnering with the best Wales has to offer.  Photographers and Videographers, we promise, you will not want to miss this opportunity of a lifetime.


WHo's it for:

Who: Photographers & Videographers

What: A cultural content retreat for photographers and videographers that want to adventure somewhere magical and unique.

Where: Wales, United Kingdom

When: Sunday July 09, 2023 - Thursday July 13, 2023

WHat's included:
  • 6 Shoot Locations With Multiple Shoot Variations At Each 

  • 4 Full Days Of Content Shooting 

  • 2 Photo Ops At Each Shoot Location 

  • 2 Nights Accommodations At The Coal Exchange in Cardiff Wales. 

  • 2 Additional Nights Accommodations in North Wales

  • 3 Course Welcome Dinner 

  • Breakfast Every Morning Included

  • Daily Lunch Included

  • 1 Additional Dinner Night Included 

  • Coordinated Transportation Once In Cardiff

  •  Transportation from Heathrow London airport to Cardiff Wales on Sunday 7/9/23

  • Content from South to North Wales Exploring Authentic Welsh Culture

  • Additional Surprises Along The Way


Editorial Inspired Shoot at Tintern Abbey

Sightseeing & Documentary Shooting at Cardiff Market

On-Site Shoot at The Coal Exchange Hotel

Styled Shoot & Garden Tour at Penpont House


Hiking & Exploring with 3 Shoot Locations at Snowdonia National Park


Curated Shoot at Rhuddlan Castle 

  • Flights to and from Wales are not included

  • We will provide transportation from Heathrow London airport to Cardiff Wales on Sunday 7/9/23 however you will need to schedule transportation from Wales back to London on your departure date. We will provide information & recommendations. 

  • The current season in July will be the summer season however climate and temperatures will vary. 

  • Breakfast & lunch will be provided every day 7/10/23 - 7/13/23

  • Dinner will be provided 2 nights allowing flexibility to explore other options on your own

  • On Wednesday 7/12/23 we will be shooting all day at Snowdonia National Park which will require lots of walking and hiking over rugged terrain. So bring those hiking boots so your feet can thank you later. 

  • Once all applications have been accepted, we will be inviting you to a private facebook group where everyone can meet virtually, say hi, connect, ask questions and be excited together


PRICING & Details


(Minor price adjustments are subject to change based on the exchange rate at the time of travel)

An initial deposit of 50% is required to reserve your spot (or you can pay in full right away). We will allow the remaining balance to be split up into two other payments. The second payment will be due March 31, 2023 with final payment due by May 31, 2023. If you are applying after May 01, 2023 your payment is due in full to secure your spot. 

Your spot is not reserved until both the contract has been signed and the deposit has been received.

Not included: Round Trip Flight, transportation to and from the airport & final night stay on Thursday, July 13, 2023. We left this night open in case others decide to extend their stay or want to travel back to London this day to fly out the following day.



  • LOTS of memory cards - With long shoot days across 6 locations and 4 full days, you are going to need A LOT!  

  • Multiple Cameras - You’ll want variety and versatility based on the different landscapes and locations we’ll be shooting at. 

  • Multiple Lens Options - Just like with multiple cameras, you’ll likely want lenses to cover all bases as well. Personally, we recommend bringing a 35mm and 24-70mm just to name a few.

  • Your Laptop - To download or edit during your downtime. We’re sure you’ll be too excited to wait until you get home. 

  • External Hard Drive - You’ll want to back these photos up right away!

  • A Variety of Clothing - Make sure you’re prepared for all types of weather, because you never know! The high for July in Cardiff is 71 degrees with a low of 57 degrees while the high for July in Snowdonia is 58 degrees with a low of 42 degrees. 

  • We recommend packing a poncho or rain jacket just in case the weather is unpredictable

  • Don’t forget your holdfast so allow those hands to multitask  & Videographers, make you sure bring those gimbles.

  • Camera Cover - Rather be safe than sorry so come prepared in case it rains.

  • Comfy shoes for all the walking so your feet can thank you later after all

  • Batteries and a charger - Make sure not to forget these guys!

  • Cash - Just in case not everywhere takes a card, be sure to bring cash that you can exchange for Notes/British pounds. You may want this for Cardiff Market especially.


Why do I have to apply? Why can’t I just buy a ticket?

It is very important to us to have not only a diverse group of people but a well-rounded group who will all be kind, and welcoming, work as a team and foster a positive experience. Therefore we will be reviewing applications and choosing from there. We will however review applications on a first-come first serve basis. Therefore if the first 10 look like a great group together then we’ll go with the first 10. 

How many photographers & videographers will be able to come?

While there will be a large group overall, we’d like to keep things intimate and manageable. Therefore we will be allowing 8 spots to go to photographers and 2 spots to videographers. This allows us to split everyone up into two groups with 4 photographers and 1 videographer per group. 

Does it matter what my experience level is?

It does not matter your experience level however we want to make sure that no matter what level you are at, that you are comfortable enough with posing, directing and speaking up if there is a shot you’d like to get.  We also want to make sure you are able to balance teamwork allowing others to get their shots as well.


Will I receive my own room?

Yes. We will not have anyone sharing rooms. We want to allow everyone their own privacy and some downtime should they like it after long days.

Where should I fly in and out of?

We recommend you fly to London.

If I fly into London how do I get to Cardiff?

We recommend traveling by train (which is roughly 2 hours) however we’ll provide you with additional resources once you secure your ticket. 

Can I bring a plus 1?

Unfortunately, we are not allowing plus ones for this retreat. While we may consider plus ones for future retreats, we want to keep things small & manageable allowing everyone to focus on connections, culture, & content.  

All photos by Avonne Photography.


Avonne Photography


Avonne is an expressive individual who sees beauty beyond the naked eye. She is a lover of all things art and genuine connection. Rooted in opera, the arts were always her way of communication. She has traveled the world documenting couples in their purest form. Capturing, uninfluenced moments that live on through the ages. She was recently named one of the best wedding photographers in America by BRIDES Magazine for ‘21 and ‘22, and is so grateful for for the places and people she has met. In her free time, you can catch Avonne traveling, spending time with her crazy family, composing songs on a whim at 5 in the morning, hiking in the mountains, and trying all the food! 

Knoble Events


Nikki is a lover of many things and has many passions. However when it comes to planning events, she’s a lover of all things design, the flow & making people smile. Purpose and kindness is at the heart of everything she does. Her biggest goal in planning and coordinating any event is to leave people speechless, designing and creating an experience that is authentic, creative, and unique. In her free time you can find her singing, helping other entrepreneurs, dreaming big, and spending time with her husband traveling, hiking or enjoying a good restaurant. 

Lord & Lady Studio


Haley is a floral designer, Event stylist and Artist. Having spent several years living abroad, her passion is storytelling through living art. Haley creates innovative, boundary pushing installations harnessing her creative experiences. Often inspired by nature, you can usually find Haley on a walk, tending her garden or planning her next adventure. In her Free time, Haley enjoy spending quality time with her family and searching for the best croissant in town. 


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